Tips For Winning at Blackjack


There are a few strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning at blackjack. The first tip is to remember that Aces are valued at 11 and that you can double your bet while you are hitting. Another important tip is to split two 8’s, which has a value of 8. The value of 16 is the worst hand in blackjack, and anything higher than five is a bust.

Basic strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is a basic game-playing system that helps players win more often by reducing the house edge. Following the strategy can significantly reduce the house edge to a fraction of a percent. The house edge in a typical blackjack game is 0.50 percent, but can increase to as much as 2.5 percent if you don’t follow the basic strategy.

Aces are always valued at 11

If a player has an ace and a non-ten card, their hand is called a soft 17. A player with a soft 17 can either hit or stand, but cannot go bust. A player with a soft hand has a chance to beat the dealer’s hand without busting.

Players can double their bet while hitting

In blackjack, doubling down is an option for players who believe their hand has a low value. The player is concerned that their hand will go bust and wants to protect themselves against this possibility. The dealer should pay out the player’s bet if their hand fails. However, if the dealer has an ace or a lower card, it is better for the player to hit.


Blackjack insurance is a betting option in blackjack. It pays out twice as much when the dealer has blackjack than if the player does, and it can be beneficial for some players. However, it is not a guaranteed strategy and you may lose both the side bet and the main bet.

Splitting hands

Many blackjack players use the strategy of splitting hands to increase their winnings and reduce the chance of busting. However, there are some situations when this strategy is not advisable. For example, splitting an ace and a seven would not be a wise move.


Payouts for blackjack vary depending on the casino. Standard payouts are three to two, but can be as high as 25 to one in certain situations. One example is when the dealer has a perfect pair. While the exact payout isn’t always clear, a blackjack payout calculator can help. In addition, different blackjack games feature different rules and bonuses.


The Rules of Blackjack are the basic rules of the game. However, there are a number of side rules, or bet strategies, that can be used to improve your chances of winning the game. These side rules are most effective when used immediately after the dealer deals the cards. However, if you have taken more than two cards, you are not allowed to use these strategies. In addition, you must only bet on blackjack if the dealer has an ace face up.

Getting a higher score than the dealer

One of the key concepts in blackjack is getting a higher score than the dealer. This can be done by using a progressive betting approach. In this approach, you double your stakes when you lose. This strategy is especially useful if you are losing, but you should also be careful not to go over your bankroll limit.