Learn the Basics of Blackjack


Whether you are an experienced player or just a beginner, blackjack can be an extremely exciting game. However, there are some basic rules and strategies that you need to know.

Basic strategy

Getting the most out of your blackjack game starts with understanding what you are supposed to do in each situation. One of the best ways to do this is to learn the basic blackjack strategy. It will help you determine when to stand, double down, or split your cards. The strategy will also help you determine when you should request a second card from the dealer.

The basic strategy is a series of rules derived from computer simulations. It does not guarantee you the right card next, but it does give you a general idea of the best moves to make.

Side bets

Whether you’re a new player or an experienced player, you can take advantage of the blackjack side bets at your local casino. They are a fun way to increase your winnings, while providing you with the thrill of trying to win big. However, you should be careful to only bet the amount you can afford to lose.

Some popular blackjack side bets include the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs bets. Perfect Pairs are the most popular and are based on the first two cards you receive. They must be the same rank and suit. For instance, if your first two cards are red and black, you can get a payout of 30 to 1.

The 21+3 side bet is the newest of the blackjack side bets. It focuses on the first two cards the player receives, before the dealer’s upcard.


Whether you are playing online or at a brick and mortar casino, knowing etiquette is essential for a pleasant gaming experience. Blackjack etiquette has rules that can be helpful in avoiding situations that can make a player’s game less enjoyable.

If you are playing blackjack online, you should avoid touching the cards while the dealer is dealing them. This is important for two reasons. First, it slows down the action and second, it may lead to the dealer taking your money.

It is important to be polite and respectful to other players. You should avoid belittling other players or psyching them out of a win.